BEcoming Clear

Counseling, Coaching and Consulting with Spirit

Coaching & Consulting

You are committed to identifying any barriers that prevent you from making the difference you want, not only for yourself, but also for your team and the organization.


You wish to move into the life, or the relationship you envision even if you don’t know how to make this transition.

BE open to change

Are You Ready to Expand Your Potential?

At Clarity Connection, I provide coaching and consulting infused with a heartfelt approach to assist you in harnessing and exploring the depths of your abilities. Whether you seek to overcome career obstacles, foster impactful leadership skills, or cultivate deeper connections, my guidance is here to facilitate growth and self-discovery. Embark on this transformative journey today.

To improve your feeling of competence in your current role?

To understand how to make a greater impact in the organization?

To increase connection to the work you do and the life you live?

To create a life that reflects your priorities?

What Does Your Inner Journey Seek?

Personalized counseling is about navigating the complexities of life when what used to work no longer does. It's about acknowledging the inner voice that suggests seeking help, even amidst guilt or societal expectations. This journey is about the deep dive into oneself beyond surface-level healing.

Who Embarks on This Journey?

I work with adults, especially those who've tried therapy but seek a deeper understanding, or those who feel a pang of hesitation, even shame, about reaching out for guidance. It's for the brave souls ready to "fight the good fight", desiring more grace, more peace, and that profound exhale.

Why might I consider therapy?

People often seek therapy when they sense that their usual ways of coping or living aren't fruitful anymore. It's about introspection, understanding, and finding newer, healthier paths forward.

Is therapy for everyone?

Therapy is beneficial for many, especially those ready for personal growth. If you resonate with the desire for deeper insights or feel that societal 'norms' have suppressed your authentic self, this journey could be for you.

How do I know if I'm the 'ideal client'?

If you're ready for grace, for peace, and that liberating exhale; if you're prepared to fight for your inner peace and understand yourself beyond superficial layers, you might just be embarking on the right journey.

Are there any spiritual aspects to consider?

Spirituality, as a dimension of this journey, is approached with care and neutrality. It's about understanding oneself without the bounds of extreme societal views, offering a space free of judgment.

I've tried therapy before. Why consider it again?

Every journey is unique. While previous experiences shape us, there's always room for deeper understanding, for peeling back more layers, and for finding newer horizons of self-awareness.

Embark on Your Journey.

Seek Deeper Clarity.

Embrace Grace.

Exhale Freely.

Life, in its complexity, often nudges us into corners where familiar paths seem clouded. In those moments, it’s not about merely finding balance, but about embarking on a journey that helps us discover a deeper sense of ourselves. The journey isn’t about setting goals in the traditional sense, but about seeking a clarity that reveals the true essence of our desires and aspirations.

Embracing grace is a fundamental step. In a world teeming with expectations, there’s a profound liberation in extending kindness to oneself, acknowledging our struggles without judgment. And as we delve deeper, challenging long-held beliefs and confronting the shadows of our past, we inch closer to that cathartic exhale — a moment of profound peace and understanding.