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Before becoming a therapist and coach, I spent years navigating the ever-changing landscapes of business, working for both small private companies like Vulcan and industry giants like Microsoft and Starbucks. I’ve had the privilege of consulting with companies of all shapes and sizes, across different industries and growth stages, all in pursuit of one common aim: helping them grow and transform.

I bring a unique blend of skills to the table, combining my expertise in psychology at the master’s level with a talent for reshaping company cultures and systems to align with strategic goals.
My path to working with organizations began with a simple desire to make systemic impact. As I honed my skills, I found myself drawn to creating real, lasting change within organizations and with people. This drive led me to increasingly responsible roles and eventually, executive positions.

At that point I reflected on the direction of my career and life and decided to reconnect with my roots by becoming a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. This shift brought me back to my core desire to impact both individuals and organizations positively.
My journey has been filled with challenges, successes, lessons learned, and incredible experiences. They have shaped the way I work today.

Deeply understanding and respecting the resilience and courage that defines our journeys.

Journeying through life’s intricacies requires more than just navigating its paths; it’s about appreciating the resilience embedded in each step and the courage that propels us forward. With years of experience, I’ve had the honor of walking alongside individuals as they traverse their transitions, be they challenges or growth spurts. Whether it’s guiding steadfast individuals committed to breaking barriers, leading teams to their potential, or steering organizations through winds of change, my mission remains constant: to be a beacon of understanding and respect. Recognizing the incredible strength of each organizations and individual’s story, I want to help you uncover the power of your journey.


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