Four Letter Word for Discomfort

September 14, 2023

I was in bed thinking about how life gives us so many opportunities to grow. Also, how in the midst of it all we often have no idea what we are supposed to be learning.

Sometimes it feels like a crossword puzzle. Some answers are obvious. Others not so much. We read the clue and nothing seems to fit. We check our dictionary, call a friend, call another friend,  search the internet,  pray, and then possibly begin to think “they” must have made a mistake because there is no answer. We have finally caught the powers that be in a cosmic error.

Then I step back and acknowledge that it might be something I can’t see. Maybe I’m too close to it or trying too hard. Maybe it means I don’t know right now….I can’t see the light at the end of that proverbial tunnel….I must surrender to the moment….I must wait for the answer to be revealed…

Maybe it is – we live in a broken world and it is our response rather than the answer that determines how we move forward….because some things make no sense. Maybe it is wait instead of pain.

We have to sit with the pain to find our way forward. We may not sit peacefully. We may choose to box, pinch, kick, run away from, or deny the pain but it waits for us. It waits for our acknowledgment and for us to decide what relationship we choose to have with it.

In this place we can find faith and hope. If we choose to cling to nothing more than this, we choose to move toward healing. Maybe it’s not the pain that hurts, it’s the wait.

Tell me about the times you have had to wait and what it revealed. Maybe you are still waiting. I would love to hear how you are doing.